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Plumbing Repair: A plumber can help with anything from just installing water faucets and clearing drains to heavy duty equipment replacement.

When it comes to plumbing repair, you need a Carrboro plumber who specializes in your type of issue. For example, if you have a drain blockage, don’t hire an electrical contractor as this is outside their area of expertise. It would be like bringing your car to the body shop for transmission issues – not only are they unequipped to fix it but also it’s probably going to cost you extra money because they need someone else to come out too!

Carrboro Emergency Plumbing : If you find yourself in a bind and need a plumber right away, give us a call. We know how inconvenient it is when your bathroom flood leaves you without running water or your sink starts leaking all over your floors, leaving your house smelling like mildew. Not to mention the fact that the last thing you want to do after spending all day at work is spend another couple of hours on the phone trying to schedule an appointment and then wait around for someone who may not even show up!

If we’re available, we’ll be there as quickly as possible — usually within 30 minute and we won’t charge you anything extra for taking such short notice.

We know it’s an emergency, and we’ll do whatever we can to help as soon as possible.

Carrboro Drain Cleaning : A clogged drain is the bane of every homeowner’s existence – and for good reason! If you’ve got a clog in your sink, tub, shower or toilet, not only will the water back up and spill over but also it will start to smell like sewer gas. Both of these are equally unpleasant and incredibly unhealthy. We offer full service drain cleaning that includes augering, snaking and rodding. Call us today for all your clogged drain needs!

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Carrboro Plumbing Maintenance: Although plumbing issues usually come complete with flashing lights and blaring alarms (i.e. when your pipes burst or your toilet is overflowing), there are times when they aren’t so noticeable.

This could be because the issue only presents slight symptoms, like slow draining sinks and phantom water flow under your sink. Do you think that the dripping faucet in your bathroom might be due to a leaky washer? Would you say that your dishwasher not emptying might just be clogged with food debris?

Carrboro Slab Leak Detection: If you’re noticing wet spots on the ground around the house, don’t ignore them as this could mean a slab leak. While still not common, these leaks can cause thousands of dollars worth of.

Carrboro Hydro Jetting: We use state-of-the-art hydromechanical excavation technology, allowing us to clear out tree roots, grease buildups and other debris that clogs up plumbing lines.

We utilize high pressure water jets to remove any blockages so that your sewer, septic tank or drains flow freely once again!

Additionally, the water could be causing unseen damage – like mold or even voiding your warranty on appliances. Call us for a free inspection today to determine if you have a leak and learn how we can help!

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Plumbing problems are not an easy to tackle. Sometimes plumbing issues are difficult because they are quite complicated, while the other time it’s just hard because you might lack knowledge about that kind of stuff. If you want to solve your plumbing problem yourself, then at least know what you’re doing first. It has been seen that most people invest their money in an emergency plumber who isn’t even qualified, don’t provide proper service and in result charge entire day rate for less than half hour work. But in case if the scenario is opposite where you have hired a professional but he doesn’t seem to fix things or takes so much time before finishing up the job then better opt for video inspection along with traditional method of pipe and drain cleaning.
Video Inspection has become a very popular service among the homeowners these days. There are many reasons for it, but mainly because they can save time and money through this method.