Chapel Hill North Carolina landmarks

Chapel Hill is an incredibly diverse city in North Carolina. It is home to the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is recognized for its outstanding basketball program. The Ackland Museum displays Asian and European art. The Raleigh-Cary Museum hosts exhibitions of various types of art, history and artifacts. The Morehead Planetarium and Science Center offer live demonstrations of space and astronomy.

Plumber Chapel Hill NC

The main attractions in Chapel Hill North Carolina are the historic downtown district. This area is full of shops, cafes, museums, boutiques, restaurants, and other establishments. You will find some great restaurants in this area. However, it is also home to many excellent historic buildings. One of these buildings is the Old North Church. It has been designated as a historical landmark by the North Carolina Historical Commission. The Raleigh Museum of Art houses an impressive collection of fine art.

The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh. It is located near downtown Chapel Hill. It has a population of about one and a half million people. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire United States. There are many attractions that you can take advantage of when you visit the city of Raleigh.