Concord North Carolina history

Concord North Carolina is the oldest city on the east coast. It was established as a Dutch settlement in 1650, after being founded by pirates who settled in this area. The city has a history that dates back to before the American Revolution. The city was also home to the colony of Albemarle during the early days of America.

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Concord is situated in the southern part of Cabarrus county, in the U.S state of North Carolina. The current population of the city has been estimated at 79,032, with an approximate population in the next five years of 96,340. It’s the county seat of Cabarrus county and the second-largest city within the area. Concord North Carolina is also home to one of the largest concentration of colleges and universities in the North Carolina area. The main campus is located in nearby Cary. Other colleges that are located here include the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Davidson College and Wake Forest University. This college town has many attractions to provide tourists with activities they can enjoy.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Raleigh Museum of Art, which is housed inside the historic Raleigh Tower. The Raleigh Art Museum features a variety of art pieces ranging from contemporary to ancient art. This is also the place to check out the fine dining establishments that are found here. A number of museums that can be found here are the Charlotte Museum of Art, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Raleigh Botanical Garden. Another popular attraction is the Carolina Aquarium, which is located in the historic Fort Raleigh on the NC State Capitol grounds. Other attractions that can be found in Concord include the Colonial Williamsburg Museum and the Concord Museum and Planetarium.