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Concord North Carolina High School is actually a public school in Concord, NC, United States. It was opened in August 1895, one session only (and held for the first time during fall 1893). It is one of the few remaining public high schools in the state of North Carolina and is located in the middle of Concord, NC. It is one of four schools in the Concord area, all of which were originally established for a specific purpose. All of these four high schools serve students who attend Concord North Carolina Schools.

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Concord is well known for its athletic programs, which are second to none. It is one of the leading sports programs in the state, providing a variety of athletic programs for all age groups. The football team is considered to be one of the top teams in the state and has won a number of Division II national championships. They also have been ranked as the second best football program in the state of North Carolina and third best volleyball program. The basketball program has won the NAIA championship twice and is a perennial tournament contender. Football is one of the most popular sports offered at Concord North Carolina High School and is well known for being an exciting game that produces many great graduates. There are also baseball and softball programs at Concord.

The baseball team was recently ranked as the third best team in the state behind only the University of North Carolina and NC State University and is currently trying to make it to the playoffs of the NCAA Division II tournament. Many of its other sports programs are equally as successful. The school also provides a very good academic program, though students need to work hard to make it to graduation. For the students who are able to make it to Concord North Carolina High School, they find themselves very satisfied with the school and the opportunities it provides them.