Famous People From Clayton, NC

When you travel to North Carolina and are looking for famous people from Clayton NC you have many places you can look. There are now three National museums in the area; The heimer Museum of Art in Chapel Hill, The Arts Council of North Carolina at the Grand Strand and The Wake Up North Carolina in Raleigh. These three museums offer a glimpse into some of the most famous people from the Tar Heel State. They also serve as a great starting point for visiting the art festivals occurring throughout the state. As these events grow each year so do the number of celebrities from North Carolina.

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One of the more popular and famous that has arrived in town is Wilmington artist Kenneth Clark. He has been painting one of the most famous portraits of a black man ever made. Mr. Clark has painted other famous people from North Carolina as well including former President George Washington and his wife. One of the more famous people from this area that has a lot of publicity is NASCAR driver Mark Martin. Mr. Martin was born in North Carolina and is now living in California.

In addition to the traditional celebrity we see on TV and in magazines we have a new generation of famous people that have moved to North Carolina from other parts of the country. Two of these people are NBA star Dennis Rodman and singer Amy Grant. Mr. Rodman is from New York and is now one of the most famous people in the NBA. Mr. Grant was born in North Carolina and is now a popular recording artist.

You may be surprised when you learn that one of the most famous people from North Carolina is none other than Governor Jim Gilmore. He has served as Governor of North Carolina for the last 14 years. The one photo that most people have seen of him was at a recent campaign event in Clayton where he gave a thumbs up to a supporter who was being heckled by some of the other attendees. He has also won four terms as governor of North Carolina.

The list of famous people in this area that are from Clayton include former Attorney General John Alexander and former U.S. Senator John Edwards. Mr. Alexander served two terms as Attorney General of the United States and Mr. Edwards is a former state Senator. Both of them have become famous on television and in movies due to their political acumen and their successful careers. Of course, we cannot forget to mention the most famous woman of the Tar Heel State, Corporallees Smith. She is known for many things including her two husbands and her many children.

This area is filled with famous people from various walks of life. So, if you happen to be looking for a great family vacation or a romantic getaway for the entire family why not consider one of the many famous people in North Carolina. North Carolina is indeed a popular destination and is the perfect place for vacations, adventures and more. Why not take some time to explore some of the famous people in this exciting area. You will surely enjoy all the things they have to offer you in the area of North Carolina.


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