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Graham is a small city in Alamance County, North Carolina, USA. It’s also part of the Burlington, Alamance County Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA). As of the last census the population of Graham was 14,153. It’s the county seat of Albemarle County. The population of Graham includes a mix of racial and ethnic backgrounds with the majority being white. There are also many Chinese, Korean, and Japanese residents. As you can see Graham has a wide variety of residents.

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Graham was one of the first cities to have telephone service. This means people who live in Graham can call other parts of North Carolina as well as other parts of the country. People who want to reach relatives in Graham can also use the telephone. For some people this has been a necessity for a long time but for others it is a convenience. As of today, Graham has access to both high-speed and local telephone service. This makes it easier for families to stay connected. The only disadvantage is that you will have to pay an extra monthly fee to use these services.

Graham was the original home of Graham-Pratt University. It’s located on a farm about a half hour from downtown Raleigh. There are some schools within this area as well. This means that kids can go to school while they are at work. If your children are going off to college or looking for work then Graham may be a great place to start your search. As long as your children get a good education then Graham should be fine. Graham has a population that looks to the future looks to Graham!

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