Holly Springs Festivals

Holly Springs, North Carolina is a little town in Wake County, NC, USA. As of the most recent census, the city population has been 25,715, over three times its current population in 1990. The area has some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see. The most popular beaches include Coral Gables, Neptune Beach and Hilton Head.

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The name of the town itself comes from an old Dutch fort that once stood on what is now called Holly Beach. The Dutch built the fort as protection against the Indians who lived nearby. The name was later changed to a more fitting one. According to legend, the fort was destroyed by an Indian war party, but the inhabitants dug a hole in the sand and covered up the fort. This legend is based on the fact that there are several Native American burial mounds along the beach, and it is said that the “fort” actually stands right where the Dutch fort once stood.


There are also historical sites on and around the beach. One of the best known is a restored 18th century Dutch fort named Fort Raleigh. The fort was once one of the largest military establishments in the world at the time. Today it serves as a tourist attraction, with an observatory and museums. Another popular attraction is the Blue Ridge Parkway, which runs past the area. For more information about the history of this area and its many attractions, you can go online and do an online search.