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Jamestown North Carolina has been around for a very long time and has a rich history that spans hundreds of years. The town dates back to the first permanent settlers who were attracted by its location near the mouth of Great Smoky Bay. In the early part of the 1800s, Jamestown North Carolina was referred to as New England Settlement. This was primarily because it was located along the path of an Indian migration. Over the years, the town changed many names including Wigwam, Wilkesburg, Wilkesville, Wilkinsburg, Westport, Woodstock, and Williamsburg among others. These names are all connected with the settlement of Jamestown, N.C. Today, it is referred to as Jamestown North Carolina.

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While most of the older buildings in Jamestown are destroyed, there are some that are still standing and still in good shape. Many of the older structures date back more than 150 years. This helps to tell the story of the early settlers. Because of its history, the population of the town is predominantly comprised of people of European descent. Of course, it would not be accurate to say that all of its residents are of European descent, but most are.


There are some interesting sites in Jamestown that you may want to see while you are on your vacation. The most popular of these is the Williamsville Island. This is located on the North Carolina east coast and is home to a population of over half a million people. There are also a variety of cultural events that are held each year. The town holds its own annual Blue Ridge Music Festival, the first Sunday of October. Other festivals and other events are held throughout the year. For a little history and a glimpse of life in Jamestown, you might want to explore this area of North Carolina.

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