A slow-running toilet, a toilet that leaks or a toilet that doesn’t flush properly may not require the services of a professional plumber. You can use DIY techniques and easily fix such problems. While unclogging a toilet is a simple fix, you may not be able to fix every toilet problem that easily. A professional plumbing contractor is the best bet to solve more complex toilet problems in your home. When you have a broken toilet, you probably need to fix it as soon as possible. Here are some instances where you need the services of a plumbing contractor to fix your toilet issue.

Water Near The Toilet Base – This is one of the more complex toilet repairs that need a professional plumbing contractor to fix it. When water is accumulating near the base of the toilet bowl, you should first try to clean the area with a paper towel. If you see water around the base even after a couple of hours, it could be due to a worn out wax seal. A professional plumber should replace the wax ring to fix this problem.

Slow Tank Refill – This could happen due to a broken flush valve or a leaking flapper. Remove the lid of the tank and flush the toilet. If you hear trickling water or the flush valve sticks, you need to replace the flush valve. You may also notice water leaking through the flapper. Filling the tank can take much longer due to such a leak. The best way to repair a flapper leak is to replace the flapper seal. You should call a professional plumbing contractor for the job.

Make sure you call a professional and experienced plumbing contractor for all toilet repairs in your home. A licensed and insured professional will save you time and money.