Plumbing Giants’ Water Treatment Solutions

Whether you live in a rural or suburban area in North Carolina, you will rely on harvested rainwater or groundwater in one way or the other. This means that at some point, you will be using clean but not necessarily pure water. While modern boreholes in North Carolina are drilled in accordance with strict and stringent rules are regulations that are meant to ensure wells produce clean and safe water, you can never be too safe when it comes to drinking water.

As a homeowner making use of groundwater or harvested water, you should invest in water treatment solutions that guarantee your water is safe, clean, and fit for consumption. Furthermore, there are plenty of benefits that you accrue from treating and condition groundwater and rainwater aside from improving the safety of the water.

For instance, water treatment and conditioning wherein you get rid of some of the minerals that slats that make water hard makes the water easier on your plumbing system. As you might appreciate, hard water has the side effect of damaging plumb lines, electric appliances, boilers, and it is difficult to use in some applications such as laundry.

At Plumbing Giant, we appreciate and understand the importance of the domestic water treatment. As such, not only have we invested in the latest testing equipment, we also provide the full range of water treatment solutions. We have a variety of water filtration systems that are designed to filter solid particles of various sizes from your groundwater and harvested rainwater. We also provide a range of water softeners which will reduce the limescale problem that arises from using hard water.

We also have a range of reverse osmosis treatment solution. These advanced water treatment solutions are exceptionally capable of purifying your water. They are the perfect solution when in need extra soft water from groundwater supply. We also have ultraviolet treatment solutions. These solutions are used to kill any bacteria that may be present in water that you harvest from the rain and store or water you draw from your well. Finally, we have chemical dosing treatment solutions.

A combination of our water treatment solutions will suffice to provide you with clean and pure water.