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Winston Salem is a small town in the rural county seat of Warren County, North Carolina, USA. With an estimated 2020 estimated population of around 247,965 it is the tenth largest municipality in Piedmont Triad. It is located just north of Raleigh along Highway 15 and west of New Bern. There are several attractions to visit in Winston Salem, NC, including the Winston Salem Zoo, the Winston Salem Museum, the Winston Salem Riverfront Park, and the Winthrop Hotel & Casino.

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Victorville Road is located between Old Hillsborough Street and I-264. It runs east to west through Victorville, stopping at many smaller communities including Victorville, Hooverville, and Victorville Junction. Winston Salem is a relatively small town with only over 6,000 people. There is no grocery store, bank, or other business establishments. One of its main attractions is the Winthrop Hotel & Casino, which have four casino tables and numerous slot machines. The Winthrop Hotel & Casino offer live entertainment on select nights, as well as live casino gaming.

Victorville Road can also be traveled on a bike or car. The Winthrop Hotel & Casino are not a walkable location. Visitors can choose to take a taxi from one place to another, or ride a bicycle from Winston Salem to Winstonville or Charlotte. If you are taking your bike on a ride through Victorville Road you will need to bring along a helmet, long pants, a sweater, and comfortable walking shoes. Bring water and food, especially if you plan on camping out in the wilderness. If you decide to take a road trip through Winston Salem NC, plan a stop at the Winthrop Hotel & Casino, as it will be a great place to relax and enjoy a night of gambling and gaming.