A Guide to Charlotte

A Guide to Charlotte

Charlotte is now a major business and major cultural hub in North Carolina. Its urban downtown area (Uptown) boasts the prestigious Levine Museum of the South, which covers the past histories of post-Civil War period in the south, and the Discovery Place, a museum that showcases the history of NASCAR in North Carolina. Uptown also is home for the NASCAR Hall of Fame, a historic museum that celebrates the sport of motor racing in this state. The North Carolina Museum of History is another place to visit when in Charlotte. Other great places to visit are the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, a world-class orchestra that gives performances around the country, and the Duke Energy Center for the Arts, a wonderful museum showcasing the diversity of Charlotte.

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While you’re in Charlotte, you can see the great art galleries, including the Charlotte Museum of Art. You’ll also get to experience a variety of museums and festivals, such as the Charlotte Pride Festival, a parade that takes place on the first Saturday of June each year. Another event to watch out for is the “Carolina Film Festival.” This is held every August, so you’ll find plenty of movies to watch.


During the month of June, Charlotte hosts the famous Charlotte Motorcycle Expo, which has been taking place since 1931, when it was the only state fair in America that was exclusively dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts. The Charlotte Motorcycle Industry Association even organizes the annual International Charlotte Motorcycle Show in October. The Charlotte Motorcycle Festival, also known as the CMA, is actually considering the largest gathering of its kind in the country.

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