Alamance County Courthouse

The current Alamance County Courthouse that sits on the National Register of Historic Places, began construction in 1923 and was opened to the public on November 23, 1924, at a cost of $253,925.82.[7] The courthouse was built in the Classical Revival style and features terracotta stonework, dental tooth molding, and metal-masonry floors. The courthouse originally housed the court system, county government offices, the sheriff’s office, state government offices, agricultural offices, health department offices, and federal offices. The original sheriff’s office is located in the southwestern 1st floor corner of the building, which features metal-framed shatter-resistant windows. The ceiling of the courtroom on the 2nd floor is silk.[8] The Courthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.[1]

The courthouse has been renovated many times throughout its history. In 1996, a $1.2 million repair was done to the roof of the building to prevent further leakage from outside. Between August 2010 and September 2011, the courthouse underwent a $3 million renovation to repair massive water damage, prevent future water damage, improve access to cramped spaces, improve overall safety, and restore the interior of the courthouse to its 1923 appearance as much as possible.[9] The courthouse was re-opened in a ceremony on September 12, 2011.

In order to address naming issues, March 7, 2011, the name of the Alamance County Courthouse was changed to the Alamance County Historic Courthouse.[10]