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Cary is located on the south shore of the Atlantic Ocean on the north eastern side of Cary. It is also home to Raleigh is home to Cary. Cary is one of the fastest growing cities in Cary North Carolina as well as the second largest city in Wake County. Cary is home to one of the most vibrant entertainment districts and it is a great place for families to raise their families. The downtown Cary area is filled with shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, parks, shopping boutiques and plenty of night life venues. Cary has the fifth-fastest growing economy in Cary North Carolina, making it one of the top cities to live in if you are looking to make money.

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Cary has a long history that goes back hundreds of years. It was originally started in the late eighteenth century, when a couple decided to build a settlement in what was known at the time as “Folly’s Point”. They named the location North Carolina Harbor because they were originally attracted to it by the sound of the surf. When they purchased the land it was covered in wood and even when the settlers began to build the house they built the foundations on sand. The early inhabitants were from Europe and it was believed that it was an attempt to escape the cold climate in Europe. In the mid-nineteenth century the settlers moved to what is today known as Cary. When Cary was established as the population grew and in 1900 Cary was listed as the eighth fastest growing city in Cary NC.

With so many businesses in Cary being based on the ocean it is no surprise that Cary has become such a bustling city. There are many beach activities available in Cary and a lot of restaurants that offer waterfront dining and nightlife. Cary was named one of the twenty most vibrant cities in North America by USA Today Magazine and also ranked one of the “Most Enduring” cities in the United States by the same magazine. As you can see there is a lot to do in Cary NC. There are many things to do to keep you busy during your stay in Cary NC. If you are looking to make money in Cary, you should definitely consider investing in property in Cary because the real estate market in Cary NC is one of the highest.