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Cary, North Carolina is a city located in Wake County. The area was named after Francis Cary, who was a well-known land speculator and banker in Raleigh. Cary is the eighth-largest city in North Carolina. Cary was primarily in Wake County until about seventy years ago, when it moved into the area now known as Cary. Cary was originally called Colon and then Cary after the name of the first town established in the area, called Colon. Cary became the fifth-biggest city in Wake County before the turn of the century. Cary has a small area in Wake County and is not part of Wake County.

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Cary, like most cities in the city, is very diverse with lots of different types of people from all over the world. The city is a thriving industrial center that draws many people from all over the United States, Canada and Europe. This means the city has a very varied population with a large variety of different kinds of people. The city has plenty of cultural activities, shopping, museums and a strong professional service industry. People from Cary come to Raleigh to go to school, work and shop because of the educational opportunities in the area.

Raleigh has a lot of historic buildings, which are some of the oldest buildings in the country. These buildings are a major draw for people in Cary. The city is home to the Cary Symphony Orchestra, the Cary Symphony and Opera, as well as Cary City Opera House. The city also hosts the annual Blue Ridge Music Festival that is held in June. The city is also home to the Cary Tennis Center, Cary Athletic Club and the Cary Country Club. All of these cultural events and sports events make Cary the perfect place to live.

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