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Cary is a major town in Cary County, North Carolina. Cary has the eighth-highest population density in all of North America. Cary is primarily located in Wake County, located in the central part of North Carolina, in the state of North Carolina, and is the second-highest population center in the state. Cary was established as a community in 1917.

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Cary has changed a lot since it first started out. Many of its original homes were torn down in the 1970s to make way for commercial development. Today, Cary has a vibrant downtown business district. There are also many restaurants in Cary that cater to Cary residents and visitors alike. This downtown business district, known as the West End, is where many people who live in Cary go to eat.

There are many places in Cary that you can see while you are in Cary. Cary has many different places that you can see while you are in Cary. One of the places that you can see while you are in Cary is Cary Stadium. The stadium is home to the Charlotte Eagles and has been known to have great music. Another place that you can visit while you are in Cary is Cary’s downtown core. The West End has several different shops and restaurants that cater to people living in Cary, and it also includes the Cary Museum of Art, which is Raleigh’s leading art museum.