Charlotte North Carolina history

Charlotte is a city situated in the lower Chattahoochee river valley. Charlotte- Mecklenburg county is a metropolitan area located in North Carolina on top of the Appalachian foothills. The name Charlotte originated in the 1800s as an Anglicization of Charlotte in England. The name Charlotte- Mecklenburg County was later changed to Charlotte. In the early nineteenth century, Charlotte became known for the city fairs and its many textile mills.

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Charlotte was originally a village located on Charlotte Island and was originally known as Charleston City. Charlotte is considered to be the state capital of North Carolina. During the Civil War, Charlotte was located as a strategic military base because of the fact that it served as a major supply point for Union forces. Today, Charlotte is considered the fastest growing metropolitan in the state. Charlotte is known for its many attractions such as Charlotte River, world famous Charlotte- Mecklenburg International Airport, Charlotte’s theme parks and the Charlotte Zoo. The city has a number of historical sites as well as museums. There are many historic buildings that can be visited, museums, theaters and art galleries.

Charlotte is an exciting city to live in and many history buffs visit Charlotte on a regular basis. There are several historical museums that visitors can visit. The Museum of History and Art and the Carolina Historical Museum are two of the most popular museums in the city. There are also historic parks that visitors can explore. If you are planning a trip to Charlotte North Carolina, you will want to check out the many attractions.