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Charlotte is an important city and business hub in the Carolinas. Its historic city center (Uptown), which is home to the Levine museum of the American South, is home to the Discovery Place Mall, a cultural mecca featuring shops, restaurants and boutiques. Uptown is equally known as the birthplace of NASCAR, the national professional auto racing league, and for its lively nightlife. As its name suggests, the city is a bustling metropolis with many major employers located nearby including The Charlotte Convention Center, a large corporate headquarters.

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The city is served by several major airports including Charlotte Douglas International Airport and the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, one of the largest airports in North America, is approximately thirty miles away. Charlotte’s proximity to both of these airports makes it the ideal place for a person to relocate to. The city is also home to two major universities and many community colleges that are well known and respected in the region. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the state’s flagship college and is among the most prestigious in the country. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a top research university and has produced the most Nobel Prize winners in history. For those looking for a more academic experience, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is a popular choice.

Charlotte’s economy is largely based on tourism and there are many hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues to choose from. One of the most exciting aspects of a stay in Charlotte is enjoying a good deal on hotels and restaurants that serve international cuisine. The city boasts over twenty fine dining venues that serve international food. If one desires a more traditional dining experience, there is plenty of fine dining in Charlotte. There are a number of chain restaurants, which cater to local tastes, in Charlotte as well as chains that are known all over the world. There are many great options for those looking for fine dining in Charlotte, which makes the city a good choice for anyone wanting to relocate to Charlotte.