City Parks in Greensboro, NC

City Parks in Greensboro NC is managed by a non-profit organization known as Tanners Park Management. This non-profit organization is comprised of six members and is solely dedicated to providing quality city parks to the citizens of north Carolina. The Parks Management team consists of a Parks Manager/President, a Parks Extension Associate, a Parks Technician, and a Park Information Clerk. These individuals work together as an integrated unit to ensure that every aspect of the park’s experience is efficiently completed by providing leadership, technical expertise, financial management, and a good relationship with local businesses.

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Greensboro’s Parks Management has a large assortment of recreational opportunities for citizens of the city. It is found that a large percentage of citizens that patronize city parks in Greensboro utilize these parks on a regular basis. It is a large part of this establishment’s responsibility to make sure that the public’s access to parks is very easy to use and to have the various equipment within the parks fully operational.

The City of Greensboro – North Carolina Parks system is comprised of two very distinct bodies of water. They are the Central River and the Tannenbailey Park/St. Elizabeth Park System. A third section of the Parks in Greensboro is known as Guilford Courthouse National Military Park. This portion was established in 1980 and is located south of the intersection of Tannenbailey Street and the intersection of Ellijay Drive.

One of the many attractions in Greensboro is Guilford County’s recreation area. It has a very rich network of walking trails, hiking trails, swimming areas, nature parks, and picnic areas. Another attraction within Guilford County is its Guilford City Cemetery. This historic burial site has been deemed to be one of the finest in all of North Carolina. This burial site has also been incorporated into several popular tourist attractions including the film “NCIS”.

A third major attraction within the downtown parks system is the non-profit organization, Guilford County Arts. This non-profit organization has invested millions of dollars into revitalizing many of the public parks within the County. This non-profit organization also oversees the management and programming of its seasonal community arts events. Several events it organizes include musical performances by its chamber orchestra as well as popular workshops and lectures in an effort to increase the public’s awareness of music, art, and culture.

Guilford City Parks is managed by the Guilford-Riverside Parks and Recreation Authority. This authority is funded through a combination of state funds and voluntary contributions. This non-profit organization manages the following fourteen parks within the City of Greensboro: Parks Highway 24/NE corner, Parks Boulevard, Parkside Drive, Broadway Terrace, East Boulevard, North Avenue, College Park Drive, intersection of Hillsboro Street and Cedar Creek Road, Memorial Drive, Northwest Boulevard, Broadway Terrace, Milton Street, Parkside Drive, Pine Knoll Drive, and Guilford Street. The City of Greensboro has a responsibility to maintain and improve these parks for the purposes of maintaining the quality and recreational values of park users. These park features are listed below:

The City of Greensboro NC is committed to protecting the integrity of its park system by conducting routine maintenance and by regularly assessing the condition of these parks. For more information about the maintenance schedule for various parks or to inquire about services, contact the City of Greensboro at (919) 561-5200. To obtain a copy of the city’s annual budget information, contact the offices of the Mayor and City Manager. You can also find the latest news and information on the City Parks in Greensboro NC by searching online. You will find links to many additional non-profit organizations that offer programs that help the Greensboro community and parks in Greensboro NC.