Clayton North Carolina city government

Clayton is an historic town on the eastern shore of Lake Norman, in Johnston county, North Carolina. It is located about thirty minutes north of Raleigh and fifty-five minutes north of Wilmington. Clayton is a small fishing village on the shores of Lake Norman, and it is often referred to as the fishing capital of the state. The fishing industry has developed in Clayton to the point where it has its own airport and seaport. Clayton is home to several restaurants, and it has three major retail shopping areas. Clayton residents also take advantage of the many tourist attractions that the area has to offer. These include the Clayton State Park, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, the Clayton Aquarium and the Clayton Art Museum.

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The population of Clayton has fluctuated over the years. In recent years, the population has been increasing, but some people have been moving to neighboring towns, and it is possible that this trend will continue in the future. Clayton is home to many schools and colleges. The Clayton Independent School District serves the entire Clayton area, with seven different schools serving nearly thirteen thousand students. The Clayton University offers a number of majors including engineering, accounting, computer science, law, health care administration, nursing, and several others. The Clayton County Public Schools serves the rest of Clayton, providing elementary and secondary schools.

Clayton is known for being an excellent location for vacation homes. The area is known for its clean beaches and beautiful scenery, and it is the perfect spot for a family vacation. Clayton has recently begun to attract people from out of state to spend their vacation time. Clayton residents are proud of their community and take pride in their beautiful homes and the excellent schools and colleges that they offer. They live comfortably, but they don’t complain.