Clayton North Carolina landmarks

Clayton is an old community in Johnston County, North Carolina, the heart of the state. It is located on the western edge of Raleigh, a few miles south of the city of Wake Forest. Clayton is also considered a close satellite town to Raleigh and has the same population as the state’s capital. In 2000, Clayton’s total population was 18,032, up slightly from the previous year’s count. As of 2009, the population of Clayton was approximately 24,878, an increase of one hundred people from the previous census.

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The Historic Area consists of four historic buildings, including the historic courthouse, the courthouse building, the North Clayton Public School building and the North Clayton State Hospital building. Clayton is also home to a number of landmarks for both tourists and residents. Clayton Lake, a lake in Clayton, NC, is a favorite spot for canoeing. The lake is surrounded by trees and offers an excellent spot for camping in the spring. There are also a number of fishing lures, rods and reels for sale in the local market. The Clayton Public School, which sits on a peninsula, features an auditorium, library and athletic field. On its western part, there is a playground and picnic area.

There are also a number of historic places in the Historic Area. In addition to the buildings in Clayton, visitors will find an array of art galleries. The Clayton Museum is devoted to preserving all aspects of the history of the community. In addition, the Community Center provides a number of activities for the public. There is also a historic railroad museum in Clayton. All of the historic landmarks in Clayton, NC, and all of its attractions are a great way to explore the rich history of this small community.