Concord North Carolina city government

Concord is a charming town in Cabarrus county, in the state of North Carolina, located on the north coast of the Atlantic Ocean. According to the last census, this historic seaside town had a population of 89,032, with an estimated total population by the year 2020 of 95,814. It’s the tenth largest city and the third largest town in Cabarrus county. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Concord is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west and the East Fork of the Pamunkey River to the south and east. The city’s major thoroughfare, Old Concord Road, is an historic thoroughfare and was one of the first highways to be built along the area.

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With an average of just over one hundred thousand residents, Cabarrus is considered one of the smallest cities in all of North America. This small town features a wide variety of activities for residents to enjoy. A popular tourist attraction is the Concord Naval Museum. It houses a large collection of artifacts, and is home to over two thousand artifacts and military memorabilia, which include everything from guns to uniforms. The Museum is housed in a historic old brick building and is open to the public. Other popular activities that the town of Concord has to offer are a community center, a museum, and an amusement park. In addition to being a beautiful and historic place to live, the city is an extremely important place in the history of the United States and has a lot to offer its visitors.

When it comes to housing in Concord, there is plenty of it. Concord is located along the North Carolina coast, in an area that has some of the best real estate values on the East Coast. One of the main areas that have some of the best housing is in downtown Concord, which is just a stone’s throw away from the shore. Along the beach, one can find waterfront homes that have lots of oceanfront property to them, as well as many condominiums and rental homes that are also located on the ocean. Concord is also situated right in the middle of a major business district, which means that any professional you have looking for employment in the area can easily access your current home.