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Greensboro North Carolina is a vibrant city in NC. The Greensboro Science Museum houses a natural zoo, red pandas and sharks. The neighboring Guilford County courthouse is home to exhibits on the Civil War and the history of lynching in the area. Video re-enactments display the struggle for civil rights in the United States at the International Civil Rights Museum & Center. The Bog Garden is an urban wildlife sanctuary with wild flowers, trees and an elevated walkway. At the Guilford Courthouse there is a Museum that showcases civil rights related exhibits and the history of the courthouse.

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If you are interested in hiking in the area, you will love the trails and forests that are found in Greensboro North Carolina. Visitors are allowed to hike at anytime during the day and night. However, the area is not suitable for children under 16 years old. The trails are located near a local park district that is maintained by the City Parks Department. You can also find trails along many of the rivers in the area. In addition to the trails, there are many parks, nature preserves, gardens and historic sites to visit and explore. When you are in the area, you may also want to visit the Charlotte Art Museum and the Charlotte Zoo.

Many families visit Greensboro North Carolina on vacation. With all of the attractions, there is something for everyone. If you are a stay at home mom or dad and you do not know what to do, try some of the activities that are provided. You may enjoy them more than you ever dreamed.

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