Jamestown NC History

Jamestown North Carolina is a quaint little town in the area of Guilford County, in the north-central part of North Carolina. The population there is not that large, but it is always changing and growing. The city was founded in 1635 by the Dutch. Jamestown had originally been established to settle the Pahaska Indians who was trying to move westward from their original homeland. They were successful and brought along with them their own culture, language, and traditions.

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As time went on, the population of Jamestown grew, and eventually it became a significant part of the colony. This eventually led to the Dutch becoming the main people living in Jamestown. The Dutch were already familiar with the Indians in the area, so they became the primary people to settle in. When people became disaffected by the system, it also caused problems for the settlers. The Indians were often forced into the area under duress, but sometimes they could fight back. For example, in the mid 1700s, there were an epidemic in which many of the Indians fought back against the settlers. Eventually this situation ended, but not until the entire population of the area was wiped out.


In addition to being a major settlement in North Carolina, Jamestown was also an important trading post. Trade routes used to run through the area, but they were blocked off by the Indians. Many of the pioneers had no choice but to travel by land, since roads did not yet exist. There are a number of attractions in and around the town of Jamestown, including the historical Dutch church. This historic church is a great place for visitors to see, and also a great place for the local residents to celebrate their culture.