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Jamestown North Carolina is a small community in Guilford county, North Carolina, and is an entirely different suburb of the surrounding towns of Greensboro and Highpoint. The population has never reached more than 3,000, and the population has declined significantly over the years. The population in the area was once predominantly white but is now much more mixed. It is believed that as the white people have left the area the numbers of black and mixed race families have increased. The neighborhood is a relatively safe community, but does have a high crime rate. This article will take a look at some of the unique features that are found in the area.

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The Jamestown, NC area is home to a number of historical attractions. There is the historic Jamestown Church, which is located on the eastern edge of town. Here you can see the ruins of the first Dutch settlers in the area. You can also find an interesting museum where you can see paintings that were created by prominent people from colonial times up until the time of the Civil War. There is also the historic site known as Old Town Jamestown, which was one of the first towns in this area. This area is home to many important historical buildings and monuments as well as museums. You can find plenty of information about the area on the Internet.


There are some unique features found within the community of Jamestown as well. You can find a small zoo here, where you can learn about the various species of animals that lived in the area and what they were like in their natural habitats. The park offers a variety of rides for all ages, as well as a playground for children. There is also a small community center here where you can learn about local history and culture. This area is not only a great place to live, but a place to enjoy a quiet and peaceful existence with plenty to do in the way of entertainment.

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