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Jamestown North Carolina is a small town in the rural Guilford county, North Carolina, USA, and is an unincorporated community on the outskirts of the cities of High Point and Greensboro. The population was 3,362 at the last census. There are several historical buildings and museums in the area, including the ruins of the Mayflower, the birthplace of Benjamin Franklin and the headquarters of John Adams’ Continental Army. This area was home to the first English settlers in North America, as well as many Native Americans, and was the inspiration for Oliver Cromwell’s famous Puritan colony.

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The name “Jamestown” comes from the English pronunciation of the French word “jamais” which means “settlement”. The town has been around for many years and originally began as a settlement of only fifty families, but has since grown into a thriving community of over a hundred thousand people. It is important to note that all residents of the area were originally white, and that there are no black people in the city. Most of its early history is lost to history, but some of it is still known. There were three churches, one for each of the three original settlers: St. John’s, St. Peter’s and Mount Olivet. The first Baptist church was built here during the mid-eighteenth century. In addition to being a religious center, this historic community is known for its fine arts, music, literature and a thriving business community.

One of the most important things about Jamestown North Carolina is the fact that the town is located on historic land that is owned by the state of North Carolina. This means that Jamestown will always be a separate entity from the state and has its own police force and courthouse, as well as taxes. Its historical buildings and monuments provide an impressive backdrop to the downtown business district. The town has two main attractions: the historic Mayflower Hotel and the historic Mount Olivet historic plantation. These landmarks can be found on High Point Road, which is the main street in the area. The museum and art galleries in the area are excellent sources of information.