Landmarks in Cary, NC

One of the most spectacular places to go during a family vacation is Cary, NC. The famous NASCAR Hall of Fame is located here and there are many events hosted at the arena. There are also many activities including world class golf courses, championship golfing, indoor and outdoor malls, arcades, and shows featuring concerts and film shows. Many people travel here on business and pleasure and there are some excellent schools in the area.

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Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve is a great destination if you love the mountains and at the same time, enjoy the waterfront. It is in Hillsborough County in the corner of Pinellas County. The Bluffs offer miles of walking trails that lead you right into the heart of this famous city. The Bluffs provide a great view of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. The trails make for an ideal day or overnight trip.

If you like the idea of being right in the middle of all the action, then head over to Balducci State Park. Balducci State Park has a nice zoo with lots of different species of animals. The park features two marinas with easy access to the beach. The park also features picnic tables, bathrooms, and shady areas to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner.

Two other great parks that are less than an hour away from downtown are Hunters Park and Horseshoe Bay State Park. In the area of Horseshoe Bay State Park, there are also many different historical sites and monuments. The park itself was once a part of the Trans-PA border. The park features beautiful groves of trees, beautiful paths, hiking trails, and picnic areas. In addition to the groves of trees, there are also paths made for skating and horseback riding.

Landmarks in North Carolina can also be found around the state. You may have heard of Black Mountain and Thomasville. Both of these mountains are actually historic sites. The Black Mountain Ski Resorts was built in 1924 and sits on the banks of the Little Tennessee River. There are many historical trails surrounding the resort that give an account of the civil war.

Other North Carolina Landmarks can be found all around. If you love the idea of being right in the middle of everything, then consider taking a North Carolina Outdoor Tours trip. These tours will take you to various historical places and will give you an insight into what life was really like at this point in time. No matter what kind of North Carolina Landmarks you look for, there are plenty of places that you can find them around.


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