Landmarks in Winston-Salem, NC

Landmarks in Winston-Salem NC are everywhere you look! A quick look around any metropolitan area will reveal many historic landmarks. This includes not only the various public buildings and museums that dot any town or city but it also includes private historical landmarks. The newest addition to the list of Winston-Salem’s landmarks is the Kaleideum Historic Park.

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Kaleideum Historic Park is designed as a park within a park. It is one of the first established landmarks in North Carolina. Designed by renowned landscape architect Wills Milligan it features beautiful paths through wooded areas, with picnic tables and benches, and several areas designated for walking or biking. Each day throughout the month of May, new monuments and attractions are added to the park for a full month of enjoyment.

Besides several historic landmarks in the area also boasts a very large collection of landscaped gardens. These gardens range from fountains and ponds to unique flowerbeds and entire landscapes. One of the most popular landmarks is Folly Pond, which is comprised of one of the largest collections of waterfalls in eastern North America. This waterfall is also home to a spectacular natural hot springs bathtub.

Other highlights of the Kaleideum Historic District include the Blue Ridge Parkway historic railroad station, historic mill sites, public parks, museums, and historic gardens. Winston-Salem’s historic railroad station has been restored to its original appearance. Built in 1900 the station is two stories with an underground parking lot. You can walk to the Wheaton and Belmont RR stations. The station is also close to the Appalachian Trail which provides miles of beautiful woods and mountain peaks to view.

Landmarks in Winston-Salem NC include the Blue Ridge Parkway, Black Mountain Laurel Ridge trails. The Blue Ridge Parkway offers magnificent views of the Piedmont Region of North Carolina. In the summer months the parkway is an ideal place to go hiking and camping.

As you can see there are many different ways to enjoy the beauty that Winston-Salem NC has to offer. If you want to get out into the area you have the option of renting a car to drive around. You will find that the area has plenty of parking both on the roadsides and in the area itself. There are many restaurants, shops, and bed and breakfasts to choose from as you explore this exciting area.

If you would prefer to stay closer to home, there are plenty of hotels that are available for your lodging needs. These hotels vary in quality but most include cable and Internet as well as a complimentary breakfast. They offer many rooms with a balcony or in the basement. One advantage of choosing a hotel in Winston-Salem is that you don’t have to use your car to get around. Most of these hotels are within a few minutes distance to the Appalachian Trail, which gives you easy access to the park.

When you visit the area, be sure to take time to view some of the many landmarks. You will be able to see the beautiful historical buildings and landscapes. You may even be able to spot a local historic landmark on your way. The possibilities are endless. With so many amazing things to do and see in Winston Salem NC, you won’t need to leave your hotel to enjoy the fun.


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