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Raleigh is the largest city of North Carolina. It is well known for its prestigious schools, such as University of North Carolina at Raleigh. The number of academic and technology-related institutions around Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill make the area referred to as the University Research Triangle. The North Carolina state capitol, a 19th century Gothic-style structure with a statue of former president George Washington dressed in an imperial uniform above its dome, is also located in this area. With a wide range of accommodations, restaurants and attractions, Raleigh is sure to be a great place to visit.

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The city of Raleigh is situated along the west coast of the Carolina Gulf Coast. This is a natural beauty spot that is famous for its beaches, wildlife and its cultural heritage. For those interested in nature, Raleigh has a large natural park that is one of the most popular outdoor attractions. The parks are named Blue Ridge and Myrtle Beach, but there are many more. Raleigh is also home to the largest military base in the United States. The Naval Air Station Beaufort is in the vicinity.

Raleigh is home to some of the world’s finest shopping districts. The Mall of Nations and the Mall of the Carolinas are both among the best shopping centers in the world. Those interested in shopping are advised to go to these areas. The nearby Cary area is also considered to be one of the most upscale areas. The downtown area of Raleigh is also popular for entertainment and dining. Most of the restaurants here are chain stores, but there are also some locally owned and operated restaurants. The restaurants serve a variety of different foods, including international cuisines.