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Raleigh is the second largest city in North Carolina, which is located in Raleigh County. It is home to three major universities, including the University of North Carolina at Raleigh. The number of academic and technological centers around Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Durham makes the area referred to as the Raleigh Research Triangle. The Raleigh State Capitol is an 18th-century Greek-revival-style building which has a bronze statue of George Washington dressed in a regal style.

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This area is home to a large number of universities, colleges and professional facilities such as hospitals. In addition, it has a wide array of business and financial centers. One of the oldest areas is Raleigh’s historic Black Wall Street which has many historic buildings, boutiques, and businesses on its streets. Also, you can find many museums within this area. You will find the North Raleigh Historic District to be an area that offers many historical places to visit. The City Place Mall is an outdoor mall located in downtown Raleigh that contains many different businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues. The Raleigh Convention Center is a large indoor arena, which has a wide assortment of exhibits, performances and events.

When it comes to various business activities, Raleigh has many attractions. This includes Raleigh’s downtown Raleigh. This is a large area of Raleigh, where you will find various different businesses including restaurants, bars, boutiques, theaters, and museums. There are many different types of hotels that can be found throughout the area as well.