Famous People From Holly Springs, NC

As you browse the famous people in Holly Springs NC, the list is filled with people that make your day if you happen to be a fan of their work. People such as: former First Lady Hillary Clinton, actor George Clooney, and author Johnny Cash are just a few famous people that can be found in this little slice of paradise off the coast of North Carolina. There are also quite a few musicians that have come here during their careers. They include albums by several bands such as: Easytone, Beach Boys, Envira and Skid Row.

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One of the most popular celebrities in Holly Springs is none other than NASCAR driver Rickey Fitterer, who was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a four-time champion driver for the “Nationwide Series”. In addition to being a NASCAR driver he has also held the ranks of “Nationwide Cup runner-up” three times and has won the last two titles.

Next on the celebrity list is former NBA star Dennis Rodman. He is currently under contract with the Chicago Bulls, but it will be interesting to see what he does with the team next season when he is eligible for free agency. In fact, he could be in line for a reunion with his former coach Bill Self of the South Florida Bulls. It is also rumored that Rodman may visit Miami to play against the Heat again.

Some people in the art world are famous for producing excellent artwork and others are famous simply for being famous. If you enjoy fine art, you will not want to miss out on attending any of the major exhibitions that are in Charlotte during the spring and summer months. The art and culture industry is big business in North Carolina and one of the major events is the annual Art Fair which is held annually. It is truly a showcase for talent.

You may not be aware of it but there are actually very famous people from Holly falls who have become millionaires. There is the former governor of Alaska – a woman who has been in the political spotlight for over a decade. Her recent book was absolutely amazing and it captured the public’s imagination. Also in this list is astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Although he is retired now, he has made several trips to North Carolina to see the arts and culture in full bloom. Jim Corder recently moved to Charlotte from Los Angeles and has become one of the best known face of contemporary art in the state.

Of course, we cannot forget our favorite famous person of all time and that would be the well know NASCAR driver, Carl Edwards. He also lives in the area and often visits Holly Falls to watch his racing ventures. He is a very good golf player and is well known for drawing a lot of attention to himself by wearing clothes that are reminiscent of famous NASCAR drivers of the past. As you can see there are many famous people of Holly Falls who have made their home here in this picturesque North Carolina mountain town.