Famous People in Chapel Hill, NC

If you’re from Chapel Hill NC and you love celebrities, you’re certainly not alone! As one of the most popular destinations in the United States for celebrity tourism, Chapel Hill is home to many celebrities who come here to live, work or play. There are of course many other famous people from Chapel Hill that you may be interested in when visiting the area. Some of these include the following:

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Unfortunately, not everyone living in Chapel Hill is a celebrity. Many are ordinary, hard-working citizens just like you and I. This, of course, is very fortunate since their careers are what makes the famous people in the area famous! You have the incomparable Pam Bees, the well-known author with five children, to thank for being an outspoken advocate for higher education. In fact, she has written several best-selling books about her experiences as an education consultant.

While many celebrities make speeches about being education experts and education reformers, there is one who is actually on the opposite end of the spectrum. Oprah Winfrey is an education expert and environmentalist. When it comes to her passions and interests, you’ll find that she is highly passionate about animal rights and saving wildlife. If you are from Chapel Hill and are interested in learning more about this accomplished, vocal, and colorful woman, then you may want to read her recent book, “Wired.”

Another famous person that resides in the area is photographer turned painter Ann Tran. A native of Chapel Hill, Ms. Tran has been described as one of America’s most contemporary, creative artists. Ms. Tran has been called by many, including The New York Times, “The Most Important Woman in the World.” Her recent album, “Just As I Am,” was described as “a vision of inner strength” by The Wall Street Journal. Ann Tran also serves as the director of the award-winning film, “Trainspotting,” which was a critically acclaimed movie that made its way into the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Education is a topic that is often touched upon by famous people, especially those who have been educated at colleges or universities. In particular, actors, writers, and musicians are often quoted as stating that they feel that education is the key to happiness. While it’s hard to argue with their passion for their craft, some education reformer would like to see more emphasis placed on the importance of supporting the institution of higher education. George W. Bush was a proponent of education reform, although he later regretted his decision.

There are many more famous people in the Triangle area that have something to say about education and other things that are considered important. You may want to start your research into the lives and works of some of these people. If you are trying to compile a list of famous people from the Triangle area, you may want to visit websites that feature notable personalities. You can even enter your own in the search field and pull up pages of results. Just remember that the subjects they talk about may not be what you want to hear about. If you have a friend or family member that is famous, ask them if you can read their memoirs or write about their life.


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