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Holly Springs is a historic town in Wake County, NC, United States, close to the border with Georgia. In the 2020 census the population of the town was 24,669, over nearly three times its estimated population in 1900. The town originally was built around the famous spring waters from which it takes its name. The spring waters are known for its healing properties and so it became a popular destination in the area. Today, there are plenty of shops and tourist attractions that attract the tourists. There are many hotels in the vicinity.

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In the early part of the twentieth century, Holly Springs North Carolina became the base for the American Psychiatric Association. It was a time when there was a new found optimism in the society. During this period, many new colleges and other educational institutions were being established. The area became one of the centers of medical research and also was a major producer of pharmaceutical drugs and biopharmaceutical plants. At the same time, the number of people having a low income had been decreasing. Due to this, people found it difficult to afford living in the vicinity and hence it became necessary to relocate to a more affordable area. Therefore, Holly Springs became the ideal place to live.

Today, the people of Holly Springs North Carolina have their own houses or apartments. They are able to enjoy the best of all these facilities with the availability of various amenities and services. It is quite evident that the people of Holly Springs are well educated and have their own businesses. There are many schools and colleges that are located near the city. They cater to the needs of the children as well as the adult community.

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