Holly Springs NC Tourism

Holly Springs is an old mining town situated along the shores of Lake Norman. Its location was selected by General William Henry Harrison as the most perfect place to build his new government. He wanted a peaceful area on the shore of a lake where the miners and pioneers could gather and socialize. He then chose the ideal location – a city built on sand, surrounded by water. This was to be his home for many years to come.

Plumber Holly Springs NC

Now, Holly Springs North Carolina is the center of the mining industry, which has been the lifeblood of this small town. It is a town where everyone knows each other and enjoys their freedom of movement. There are plenty of people to mingle with and there are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars to visit. The people are friendly and they will do anything to help you enjoy your stay. If you have plans of staying here, make sure that you book your lodging early so that you can avail of all the facilities at a discounted price.


There are also many historic sites located here. You can visit the Old Fort Raleigh, which was once the home of John Smith. You can go on a walking tour of the area to see the history of the area. You can enjoy your stay at the historic hotel located at the center of town. There are many things to do in Holly Springs North Carolina; this is one of the best places to stay. You should try your best to plan your stay in this beautiful area.