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Holly Springs North Carolina is a small city in Wake County, North Carolina. According to the 2020 census the town’s population is 24,661, more than double its current population in 1990. The city was initially built around the local fresh water sources that it is said to be named after. It’s located close to Raleigh is the second largest city in North Carolina.

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Holly Springs has developed over the years and the current housing market can be seen in the number of properties that have been built in this area. There are many new homes that have been built to match the current housing demand. The city was one of the first places to start building apartments and condominiums in the area. There are several other companies that have taken an interest in the area as well and many new developments are being built every day. The city also offers many restaurants and shopping centers and there are always things to do in this part of North Carolina.

Holly Springs North Carolina is very affordable to live in and many families choose to stay here year round. The weather is warm most of the year and the climate is temperate. The city is well known for its quality attractions and outdoor activities so many people come here every year to enjoy themselves. The city is very close to the world famous Raleigh International Airport and the downtown area is quite vibrant with activities taking place on a daily basis.