Landmarks in Holly Springs, NC

For over one hundred years, the Landmarks in Holly Springs NC have been an important part of the history of this quaint little mountain town. The unique history that has encompassed Landmarks over the past century is a well-loved part of American heritage. Over the past several years the organization has made a commitment to preserving the rich heritage of this beloved community. In keeping with that tradition, we have just learned that in June of 2021, they will be relocating to Bass Lake, a small lake located approximately 40 minutes north of Holly Springs.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Landmarks in Holly Springs NC, they are a private nonprofit organization that was formed in 1924. This non-profit organization now has over two hundred buildings dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the residents of Holly Springs. Landmarks in Holly Springs NC were created to preserve everything from historical places to the most unique landscapes. They also strive to develop parks, public spaces, preserves, and other important community asset locations throughout the county.

The Landmarks in Holly Springs work with a wide variety of partners. Many of their projects are in partnership with the City of Holly Springs as well as the counties of Wilson, Rockingham, and Alamance. Because the organization is so focused on community development they also welcome participation from other groups. Many landowners have worked with Landmarks over the years in the creation of parks, playgrounds, and other important pieces of park property. These partnerships have enabled Landmarks to purchase property that would otherwise have remained idle or underdeveloped.

Some of the Landmarks in Holly Springs NC that are receiving special attention in 2021 include The Greenwoods, Topsail And Shady Hollow Ledge Wildlife Area, and The Bluffs. The Greenwoods is a beautiful park that protects the Little Pigeon River. The Bluffs, on the other hand, is home to one of the most spectacular shorelines in all of North Carolina. This area also borders the scenic Topsail And Shady Hollow Ledge Wildlife Area, which is managed by The Nature Conservancy. In addition to protecting the natural habitat of wildlife, Landmarks is working to improve the local economic landscape through the establishment of water tax credits and the construction of a bike path.

Landmarks in Holly Springs NC works to preserve the natural environment while also working to provide visitors with quality experiences on their properties. Many landowners to lease their land to individuals, groups, and corporations. For these landowners, the creation of Landmarks allows them to attract new business and residents to their property while still maintaining their responsibility as land owners. For these landowners, it is important to create an educational atmosphere where children can learn about nature while also enjoying their property. Many adults appreciate Landmarks because it allows them to let their kids experience nature on their own.

In terms of public access to the land, Landmarks works closely with the city of Holly Springs NC and the city of Salisbury. There are some restrictions placed on Landmarks in terms of size, shape, and access to the lake itself, but overall, the property is open to the public. Landmarks in Holly Springs NC also has some historical significance, particularly for those interested in preserving heritage. For example, the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson was located on property owned by the Native Americans. Today, the Thomas Jefferson Home Museum is located on the land.